Online pastry course for beginners
Modern Cakes & Desserts
STARTING May 15 th!
Online pastry course for beginners
Modern Cakes & Desserts
STARTING May 15 th!
Video classes
Pre- Recorded Video tutorials. All details and nuances of cooking process are clearly visible. You can watch them at any convenient time using your phone or laptop
Support & feedback
You can send all the questions you have during the course, get pastry life hacks from our chefs. You upload your homework and our tutors check it.
Acces to our Community
Do networking and meet like-minded people from all over the world who are passionate about baking. You will share successes with each other and even make new friends.
Affordable ingredients
All the recipes only contain ingredients that can be easily found. all recipes can be baked at home. school
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What do you learn on the course?
See below the list of lessons
Lesson 1
Types of meringues. Pavlova dessert.
-How do you prepare a stable meringue for Pavlova?
-How do you get a safe result at the end - soft inside and crispy outside?
-White pavlova.
Lesson 2
How do you prepare a No Bake Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake.
-Tart soft base for cheesecakes.
-Two types of restructurings of the cheesecake base.
-How do you stabilize no-bake cheesecake without adding gelatin?
-Mango purée jelly and blackcurrant namelaka.
Lesson 3
French meringue-based cakes. Choco Sponge cake with raspberry confit.
-Chocolate sponge cakes.
-Stable frosting for assembly.
-Frosting for leveling.
-Raspberry confit.
-Assembling and leveling cakes. Common mistakes and how to avoid them.
Lesson 4
Mint, Lime and Strawberry Cake.
-How to get a deep green sponge cake without dye.
-Strawberry jelly.
-Stable frosting for assembly.
-Frosting for leveling.
-Decorating with strawberries and berries.
Lesson 5
Panna Cotta & Tiramisu
-Tiramisu with mousse made from heat-processed egg yolks.
-How do you make ladyfinger biscuit?
-Panna Cotta with creamy texture.

Lesson 6.
  • Cherry and Coffee Cake.
  • Crunchy Orange Cake.
  • Oriental Cake.
What do these 3 cakes have in common? The sponge, the preparation technique and 95% of the ingredients are the same, but the end result is absolutely different. In this lesson, you will learn:
-To prepare a double mousse and jelly filling.
-To prepare Crunchy Pralines.
-To caramelize pears.
-Decorate, drip frosting recipe.
+5 Bonus Lessons
  • CupCakes
  • How to flavor Frostings
  • How do we adapt a recipe to the other size of the baking tin?
  • Great picture for your desserts, taken with your mobile phone
  • Bonus frosting

Equipment you'll need on the course!
Meet Your Instructor
Irina Popovici

Hello! My name is Irina and I will be your trainer.

I am a Pastry Chef with over 5 years of experience, during which time I have created over 10,000 cakes!

5 years ago I started organizing Masterclasses in Pastry and I have trained so far more than 10,000 people all over the world!

I started creating desserts for fun and, probably like you, I was learning more from YouTube ☺. After a while, I felt the need to develop myself by learning from professionals, and I attended my first Masterclass in Ukraine. A long list of courses and intensive training followed, which I am still completing today.

I also happened to go to a pralines course out of curiosity, but I had no idea of the passion that was to come for them.

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