"My First Cake"
If you want to bake spectacular and delicious cakes but don't know where to begin, this course is the perfect start. The course is designed for those who have never baked a cake before, but also for beginner bakers who want to perfect their skills.
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What do you learn on the course?
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Lesson 1
Lesson 1
Theoretical Lesson
Whether we're talking about birthdays and small parties, weddings or large events, cakes are never missing from guests' tables.

  • But before we get started, it's important to keep in mind a few rules and recommendations that you'll find in this lesson.
Lesson 2
Lesson 2
Tools and equipment
  • In this lesson, we will discuss the main utensils you need to create delicious cakes. Most of them you probably already have at home!
  • Recommendations of shops around the world where you can find the necessary utensils!
Lesson 3
Lesson 3
Sponge cakes
  • Types of sponge cakes. Rules and preparation techniques
  • Moist vanilla sponge
  • Moist cocoa sponge
  • Cutting sponge cakes
Lesson 4
Lesson 4
  • Intro about syrups and their role
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Coffee syrup
Lesson 5
Lesson 5
  • Types of filling and the right choice
  • White chocolate and fresh fruit mousse
  • Milk chocolate mousse
  • Raspberry confit
  • Caramel with hazelnuts
Lesson 6
Lesson 6
Assembling the cake. Frosting
  • Choosing the right ingredients. Secrets of a stable frosting
  • Flavoring frosting
  • Frosting based on mascarpone and cream cheese
  • Assembling the cake with and without the ring
Lesson 7
Lesson 7
Levelling the cake. Frosting
  • Types of frostings for leveling and how to choose them
  • Frosting based on cream cheese and butter
  • Leveling the cake. Secrets to a smooth surface
  • Semi-naked covering
Lesson 8
Lesson 8
  • In this lesson you'll discover simple techniques for decorating cakes with off-the-shelf items and how to accentuate the taste of your cake with the right choice of decoration!
The recipes require no special tools or expensive ingredients and are adapted for home conditions.
You end up with not 1 but 2 cakes with totally different tastes:

Equipment you'll need on the course!
Meet Your Instructor
Olga Ursu

My name is Olga Ursu and everyone knows me for my piles of honey sheets and the sheer volume of medovik I make. In the 3 years since I embraced this craft, I have baked thousands of honey sheets.

I started my business specifically out of a passion for medovik and it is because of this dessert that I have become so appreciated. In fact, it's also at the top of my customers' favourites list, because I managed to adapt the classic recipe, keeping the good homemade taste, the taste of childhood. English, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Italians, Spaniards, Arabs and other nationalities who have tasted this cake have been surprised by the texture and taste. Operating in England, the spectrum of customers is wide, but the medovik remains the favourite of many.

I am also a mum of two boys, so I sweeten and delight many people with the desserts I make. My business is based on making simple but dedicated cakes - something you will learn in my classes.

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