In this course, I'll reveal the secret to perfect macarons created using the italian meringue method. Then, I'll show you how to bake them in two different ways. For the filling, I've prepared 3 types of fillings that will allow you to experiment with 8-10 different tasting and delicious recipes.

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Lesson 1. Macaron Shells
In this lesson, you will discover:
  • Macaron Shells - the Italian meringue method.
  • How do you prepare an Italian meringue?
  • Two different baking methods.
  • Analysis of the most common mistakes.
Lesson 2. Macaron Fillings
In this lesson, you will discover:
  • Three types of ganache fillings: passion fruit ganache, blackcurrant ganache and mousse ganache.
  • What is an emulsion? Principles. Preparation technique.
  • The correct crystallization of ganache.
+ 2 filling recipes (PDF)
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Meet Your Instructor
Diana Ceachir

  I'm a pastry chef specializing in artisan desserts, and I'll be your trainer! Since 2017, I've managed to revolutionize not only my personal experience, but also the experience of hundreds of people who have attended the 50+ physical masterclasses I've held alongside renowned chefs!

  It's impossible to tell my story without mentioning that I am a lawyer and magistrate in law at heart. After almost 15 years of experience in jurisprudence, I have radically changed my field of work, following my dream and sharing my passion for all things baking.

  Once I stepped on this path, I discovered more and more my passion and interest in baking, which eventually led me to abandon jurisprudence. It was a complicated decision, but one I don't regret at all. Since 2017, I have managed to evolve a lot, revolutionizing not only my

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