Roll cake
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A simple but delicious dessert, Roll Cake can be reinterpreted and adapted to your own preferences. Loved by people of all ages, this dessert is sure not to fail!
What do you learn on the course?
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Lesson 1
Chocolate, elastic sponge cake.
Lesson 2
Soft peanut caramel
Lesson 3
Whipped ganache with peanut paste, suitable as a filling but also for decoration
Lesson 4
The best method to roll the cake
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I'm a pastry chef specializing in artisan desserts, and I'll be your instructor! Since 2017, I've managed to revolutionize not only my personal experience, but also the experience of hundreds of people who have attended the 50+ course I've held alongside renowned chefs!

Now I am ready to share my knowledge, exclusively for the course platform, in an online format!

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