Online Pastry Courses

Learn how to bake the Best European desserts!

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A private Facebook group where you can communicate with other passionate bakers and even make new friends, and periodically get access to free training materials!
Only professional pastry chefs
  • Irina Popovici

    Teaches cakes

  • Eugen Ursu

    Teaches croissants

  • Diana Ceachir

    Teaches macarons, eclairs

  • Silvia Șchiopu

    Teaches artisan bread

  • Olga Ursu

    Teaches Medovik cake

  • Cristina Cebotari

    Teaches vegan pastry

Who are our courses for?
You're a beginner
Turn Your Love for Baking into a Business. Classes are accessible enough for beginners, even those who have never baked desserts before.
You are a professional pastry chef
Increase your skills and impress your customers with new recipes.

You love desserts
Learn to create great cakes and desserts at home for yourself and your loved ones.